No matter if you’ve already booked your Rome photography session or still looking for the perfect Rome photographer, this page is where you’ll find all necessary information to confidently prepare even before you arrive in Rome.


My goal is to inspire a Rome photography session you’ll totally fall in love with and sensitize you to important decisions you’ll have to make along the way to ensure optimal fun and flow.


Above all, I want you to enjoy the Eternal City in all its splendour and come back home with photos you’ll love forever.



I’ve spoken with a huge number of happy couples about their Rome photography sessions and based on their feedback outlined a proven 4-step process to help you perfect your own Rome photography session.



Step 1: book your Rome photo shoot as soon as possible


Booking your Rome photo shoot is simple:

  • browse my photo galleries (instagram) to ensure you love my style
  • check the availability for your preferred date(s) and starting time;
  • make things official with paying 20 euro deposit via Paypal. I'll send you a secure invoice which works as a simple contract 
  • connect with me and receive a summary of your Rome photo shoot details, including meeting point, starting time, hours of coverage and more


Step 2: prepare for your Rome photo shoot like a Pro



"A brilliant Rome photo shoot can and should be prepared for."


In reality, the amount of fun, natural flow, and stunning photographs you should expect is often precisely related to the time you invest into your preparations.


Find out my favorite locations and which props, outfits, and poses I recommend for the best results. Also learn priceless tips on how to perfect your kiss, poses, and fun factor.

I really love what I do, and really care about your experience.



Need a Make up Artist or hairdresser? At your service!


I know some great MUA, hairdressers, florists, videographers, private drivers, so feel absolutely free to ask. Soon I will add some of them to my website.



What’s the best time of the day to do my Rome photo shoot?


The simple answer is that the best time for your Rome photo shoot is when you feel most energized and happy. Factors such as biorhythm, jet lag and other factors can make a difference. That said, my favorite times of the day are sunrise and evening, including twilight, the magical Golden Hour, and here’s why:


Morning: sunrise photography sessions


The time when the sun slowly appears above the horizon in the morning


  • only time of the day to get photos at your favorite Roman backdrops without distracting tourists. Some landmarks, such as Trevi fountain - totally not reachable after 10 am
  • great compositions without other people then you
  • soft/even lighting conditions
  • more privacy

Evening: Golden/Blue Hour photography sessions


The sun is getting down and the night is beginning. Usually the best time to start evening session is 2 hours before the sunset.


Check availability >


  • the most magically romantic time of the day for photos in Rome
  • soft, flattering light ensures no squinting in photos and no distracting shadows
  • Roman viewing decks look astonishing at this time of the day
  • priceless opportunity to get both daylight and nighttime photos



What locations do you recommend for my Rome photo shoot?


Let’s get the obvious: you’re in Rome and the Colosseum just so happens to be the most iconic and instantly recognizable structure on the planet. So unless you consider it to cliche, I recommend that you make the Colosseum one of your top priorities.



Your choice of locations: the spots where you and your partner will have your pictures taken extends to every other element of your Rome photography session. The combination of your locations will determine the variety of your gallery, the fun-factor, and how you’ll remember your time in Rome.


My favorite locations depend a little on the time of the day and the temperament of the couple, but here are a few popular spots to consider:

  • Trevi fountain
  • Spanish Steps + viewing deck near Casina Valadier
  • Popolo square + viewing deck
  • St. Peter's square + Bernini's colonnade
  • Castel Sant'Angelo + bridge (might add also a terrace on the roof)
  • Navona square
  • The Pantheon
  • Capitoline square (Michelangelo's square) + viewing deck
  • Roman Forum
  • Colosseum
  • Altar of Fatherland (Vittoriano) + terrace
  • Trastevere quarter
  • Fountain dell'Acqua Paola
  • Villa Borghese

There are many more great locations of course, and keep in mind that some of your favorite photos may come from locations in between your primary locations.



How do we get around Rome during our photo shoot?


Getting around a city with a fine transportation infrastructure, like in Rome, is not difficult.

However, when it comes to getting around quickly and comfortably, time is money indeed.


Fortunately, Rome is quite pedestrian-friendly, so one of my preferred methods of getting around is by foot. However, some locations are simply geographically too far apart to walk, and here’s where I recommend calling an UBER or flagging down a taxi through MyTaxi app. 


Check availability >




Attire and accessories: what should we wear for our Rome photo shoot?


When it comes to attire choices for your Rome photo shoot, there are no hard rules. It depends a little on you as a couple, the nature of your photo session, and duration of commissioned photography coverage. It can be casual or formal or even a combination of both.



That said, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • dress for how you’d like to be seen in your photos
  • wear something that makes your feel comfortable and confident
  • bring a pair of flats or other comfy shoes to protect your feet as you move from one location to the next
  • for perfect silhouette photos, dark, tightly-fitted outfits work best (avoid white)
  • I love bold color: especially reds and yellows and style matters (hey ladies, this is your excuse to get that new pair of Louboutins :D



Which props work best for our Rome photo shoot?



I favor the generous usage of creative props that are within character for you as a couple.


Here is the top list:

  • Flowers. There is a plenty of stalls with guys making a simple beautiful bouquet for 15-20 euros. Try to get them in advance. If you need something more special - ask me and I will recommend you a florist.
  • Champagne. Always does the trick! Hey, you’re in Rome after all and there’s presumably a great reason to celebrate!
  • Balloons. No better way to put you in a fairytale. You can get them here, just 100 m from Ottaviano metro station.
  • Box of chocolates. Rome has some original shops, for instance #VenchiRoma
  • Gelato: Giolitti, La Romana and many others will serve you the best ice cream in Rome and probably in life
  • Scooter/Vespa. The most convenient way to get around in Rome with a lot of fun. Your can rent one here.




The high and delicate art of connecting in front of the camera


World-class photography is a two-way street between you and your photographer. When a couple is not comfortable or uneasy in any way, their personality, breathing, and ability to connect with one-another simply go away.


In fact, one reason discerning couples around the globe seek me out is because my photo sessions just feel more real.



Now, most of us are neither actors nor models, and simply do not have much experience in front of the camera. Hey, it’s probably not every day that you’re asked to be playful and passionately display affection in public. Yet, that’s really what it takes for divine results.



My couples somehow consistently connect like rock stars. What’s the secret you may ask?

First, I objectively prepare my couples better than anyone in the industry.

My interests and yours are in perfect harmony since we both want to have fun and come up with award-winning photos. That’s why I will help you get organized and encourage you to practice your kissing even before you arrive in Rome.



Second, after hundreds of photo sessions each year, I'm quite adept at quickly breaking the ice with relative strangers. My goal is to awaken the single biggest strength you share as a couple: chemistry.



Chemistry is about attraction, scent, comfort, passion, pheromones.. the mysterious spark between two people. Above all you need to feel comfortable breathing on each other.


Don’t want to kiss in public? No problem.

Interestingly, kissing is not a requirement for great chemistry; but believable connection is. That’s why we recommend going all in and committing to connecting without distractions.

Laugh out loud, softly close your eyes, breathe on each other, and be playful.




Step 3: the day of your Rome photography session


Congratulations! You’ve prepared well, and now it’s time for you and your loved one to simply relax and enjoy your time in Rome.


  • check the weather forecast
  • pack lightly and consider leaving precious items back at your hotel so you can focus on connecting with your partner, and not worry about your belongings
  • ladies, bring a pair of comfortable shoes that you can easily slip into; be gentle on your feet as you move from one location to the next
  • feel free to bring along your Pinterest inspiration board on your mobile device if you like (make sure it is accessible even without internet connection)
  • aim to arrive at least 5-15 minutes before your scheduled starting time so you’re relaxed and ready to go
  • speak up when you have great ideas or would like to spontaneously take advantage of unplanned locations
  • bring the balance of your photo shoot fee along




Step 4: getting your photos


Soon after your shoot (typically within 24 hours to 1 week in high season), you’ll receive a private link to download your edited photos, in high-resolution and ready-to-print.


There should be another step: ENJOY AMAZING PHOTOS FROM ETERNAL CITY, but come on :D