Proposal in Rome

The absolute guide to Yes

So you’d like to propose in one of the most romantic cities in the world and you need some assistance? You’re at the right place! To ask your beloved to marry you is an important step in life and you want everything to be perfect.



However, there are so many things to keep in mind, that you might feel like you’re going crazy... but no worries: I’m experienced in those questions and will gladly help and guide you all the way from dreaming up a plan to bringing it to life.


We’ll go through every single detail so things will go naturally, smoothly, and you feel relaxed.

All you need to worry about is where to take her for dinner - or for a Vespa ride - after she says “Yes!”:D

Yet, it takes a little more than just going down on one knee. That’s why I created a source which is going to help you to prepare a magical proposal she will never forget for the rest of her life.




Rome proposal — key points

  • if you’re still looking for a perfect ring, then here’s a LINK to help you make an informed decision
  • choose the right place for proposal
  • make sure it’s unique and special for the two of you
  • decide which time of the day you’d like to propose
  • practice what you’ll say to her
  • don’t tell anyone, not even your friends about the proposal unless absolutely necessary
  • plan what you’ll do after she says “Yes”
  • deliver your speech to her before you get down on one knee
  • position yourself perfectly parallel in between your photographer and the selected backdrop
  • look her straight in the eye and make her feel like the most desirable woman in the world when you propose
  • for the perfect position results, don’t go down on your knee too close; on the contrary, take two steps back before doing that
  • make sure your pockets are empty - your wallet and phone can look wrong in the photos
  • don’t rush and hold your position for a while for best photo results
  • after you put the ring on her finger, don’t shift your attention to your photographer; instead, give her a hug, enjoy the moment, seal it with a kiss and show her your love and affection

In order to save you some time and ensure everything is perfect, here are a simple 3 steps on how to prepare for a dream proposal, which is going to be a lot of fun, a wonderful surprise and of course something you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life.


Step 1: book your photographer

You have put huge effort into bringing your lady to this amazing city. Now it’s time to invest energy into having your Rome proposal captured masterfully by experienced artist who truly cares.


  • check the availability of your Rome photographer;
  • ask your photographer to send you some sample photos of surprise proposals (or browse through their gallery);
  • ask which proposal locations work best depending on the time of the day;
  • reserve your date by paying a deposit via PayPal.

Step 2: prepare your dream Rome proposal

An excellent proposal requires preparation and clear communication between you and your photographer. Together, we will design your proposal concept.


  • location, location, location: Rome is beautiful all around with a huge number of places to propose at. It can be some viewing deck in the late afternoon or at sunset or some iconic landmark like the Trevi fountain at sunrise – where would you like it to happen?
  • to avoid crowds, choose the morning hours to propose;
  • you’re proposing in Rome, so the recommended dress code for amazing pictures is called “seductively elegant”. In other words, you should convince her to dress up. You can say you’re taking her to a fancy restaurant which would not altogether be a lie;)
  • agree about the exact location and time when and where you’ll propose with your photographer to make sure you are on the same page.


Alternative scenario: proposal as part of a Rome photo session


Here’s the trick: your lady already knows that there will be a photo shoot, but she doesn’t know you’re about to propose. The advantage is that she’s going to be prepared and look great, and you can discuss your attire for the shoot together. 

Moreover, this way your photographer can choose the perfect angle for your proposal and even put the additional lighting equipment if needed – all you need to do is to decide when to surprise her with a beautiful ring.




Step 3: after she says “Yes”

You did your best bringing her to the most beautiful city in the world, she said “Yes” and now your future wife’s left hand feels slightly heavier than her right =]




However, stopping your photography session right now would be missing a precious opportunity, and here’s why: her emotions will be at a unique high and you already have a photographer whom you trust by your side.

And that’s why we recommend that you transition into an engagement session — and add at least 1-2 hours of photography coverage — it’s your opportunity to get as many fabulous, memorable photos as possible.



Usually, for the complete surprise proposal photo shoot, couples sometimes ask me to book 1 hour for the actual surprise proposal, and then add 2 additional hours for the late evening or even for the next day.

The benefit?

Your partner will actually have time to prepare her dress, hair and make-up services before the second part of your shoot.



Good luck!