"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere." Carl Sagan

Vacation Photography

in Rome and Italy

Get stunning vacation photos in amazing places.

Bring home the best souvenir - memories.

Step one:

Planning your shoot.

Let me know the when and where, and we’ll start sorting out the details right away.

Step two:

Reserve your photoshoot.

Once all the details are finalized, I'll send you a secure invoice link that will let you pay via Credit/Debit Card or your PayPal Account.

Add it to your calendar, your shoot is official!

Day of the shoot

Meet me at the agreed spot, and enjoy a fun, fantastic photo shoot. You can ask me questions about any secret hideouts, restaurants, lookout spots, or other recommendations!

wedding Photography

in Rome and italy

I'm passionate about creating a fun, relaxed experience for you, while I capture extraordinary fine-art images that will leave you amazed.

I began photographing weddings shortly thereafter primarily because I was drawn to the open and honest display of emotions. I consider myself a 'seeker of truth' at weddings - searching intently for those rare and intimate moments between the loved ones. This search has not only defined my style of photography, but has also guided my passion and became the driving force behind what I consider my greatest obsession.

 Let's spend probably the best day in your life together!

 I am not content to see with just my eyes. I see with my heart because that is where I find connection. That is where I find truth. And that is where I find love.


individual photoshoots

in Rome and Italy

Treat yourself with a unique photo shoot showing your individuality in Rome or any other city all over Italy. Purpose may be different, but the result remains the same - amazingly beautiful fine-art images.



Landscape photography shows spaces within the world,

sometimes vast and unending, but sometimes microscopic.

I always get inspired by places.

 In different times of day and in different times of year. Each place has it's history and character. Each time I'm very excited to see the beauty which gives me a new lust for life. Like the painters of the past were drawing their masterpieces, I'm taking photos.

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